What’s the Speed Limit in Canals?

Put simply, most people describe it as the slowest speed possible while maintaining control of the vessel. There is no universal figure that applies, for good reason. Here’s the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission definition:

“Slow speed requires that a vessel be fully off plane and completely settled into the water. The vessel must then proceed at a speed which is reasonable and prudent under the prevailing circumstances so as to avoid the creation of an excessive wake or other hazardous condition which endangers or is likely to endanger other vessels or other persons using the waterway. Due to the different speeds at which vessels of different sizes and configurations may travel while in compliance, there is no specific numeric speed assigned to Slow Speed.”

On March 18, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission announced the state has “passed the mark of one million registered recreational vessels across the state” and here in Lee County, at the end of 2021, there were 50,304 registered recreational vessels.