Getting Started Buying Property in Cape Coral and Fort MyersWaterfront condo in Cape Coral

If you are starting to shop for a home, condo, or investment property, SageRealtor Group is your resource for a wise move. Our job is to help you find the ideal property, one that meets your objectives for location, price, features, cost of ownership, and similar requirements that you have. For example, if you are looking for a Cape Coral Gulf Access home, we are avid boaters and can help you find the best location. Here are a few FAQs when buying property in Southwest Florida that will help you get to know how we start working with buyers. If we have not answered your questions, please email or call us anytime.

Which Listings Do You Show?

We show you any property on the market that you want to see. It does not matter if the property is offered by a different brokerage firm or a developer. Our responsibility to buyers is to scout out the best properties that match the requirements, period.

When I Search Your Web Site, Which Listings Do I See?

Your search results will show all properties on the market that match your search criteria. Again, it does not matter which brokerage has the property listed. You might get some of our listings, but you’ll also get listings from brokerages all over SouthWest Florida. As in Question #1, we show you any property you want to see. We don’t show you properties you don’t want to see. We’re not going to “push” you towards our listings; we believe that’s an unethical way of working with buyers. If you have not yet, try the property search on this web site: search area listings in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Naples, and surrounding areas. It’s a powerful search tool and you can save favorites, save listings, and more.

Why Is it Beneficial if You Search Properties For Me?

If you are not familiar with the neighborhoods, we save you a lot of time and frustration. Our expertise and experience on neighborhoods, pending assessments, construction details, association fees, and location, location, location is what we put to work for you. Instead of searching and searching only to find out that what appears on the surface to be a great house is not…. Let us do the leg work for you.

If I Like A House Listed by ACME Realty What Do I Do?

Let us know. We’ll get you more information on the property and schedule a showing appointment at your convenience.

What if I Drive By a House Listed by ACME Realty?

Call us. We’ll get more information and schedule a showing for you. Often, it’s possible to schedule a showing within an hour and sometimes even less.

Who Pays Your Commission?

The seller pays the sales commission. The seller is hiring the services of real estate professionals to find a willing and able buyer for the property.

How Do You Send Me Properties Online?

If you’d like us to scout out properties for you, there are a couple of ways we can get you listing details. We set up search criteria for you and then email links to the listings. And (or) we can also set up a “portal” for you that has great features, such as the ability to save or reject listings and save notes. In all cases, you browse the listings at your leisure. Our job is to point out which are the best of the bunch (price, location, features, etc.).

If I Decide to Purchase, What Will the Closing Fees Be?

In Florida, the largest closing cost fees are paid by the seller (title insurance policy and real estate commissions).

Have More Questions?

Let us know. We respond quickly and there’s no obligation, really. We love what we do and consider it a pleasure to help buyers move in the right direction, whether now or months or years down the road.



From the very beginning, I felt like I was working with my best friend…. and had done her homework and invested a significant amount of time making it all happen in the narrow window of time I had. As the closing process was winding down and I let all of our friends know what an outstanding job she’d done, I jokingly referred to her as the “Grand Imperial Puhbah of Real Estate.” All joking aside, she has no equal and we will forever be grateful for her invaluable advice and counsel.

Larry and Sherry