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We’ve been fortunate to be of service to so many delightful people from all over North American and Europe in purchasing or selling Southwest Florida real estate. All of whom are not just “clients” but now dear friends. Here’s a few words from some of our clients about their experience working with us.

Hello to whom ever is interested in hearing of our experience with a vacation home purchase in South West Florida through Dave Sage and Brenda Boss.

Dave and Brenda are a wonderful couple.   They have proven to be both experienced professionals in SW Florida real estate as well as great friends to work with in obtaining our beautiful Florida home and a wealth of help and advice for after purchase support.

Our experience started with some simple emails to various real estate agencies regarding property rentals, possible purchase, etc.  First off after hours of looking on line at houses, sending emails to agencies, and struggling with not really knowing much about real estate in Florida or what we really wanted we received only one reply to our many inquiries.  It was from this fellow Dave Sage.  He said he would meet with us when we arrived on our visit at our convenience and make himself available for what ever we wanted to look at and discuss our wants and wishes.

So far it was not too unusual, we thought, a real estate agent selling what he can.

Upon meeting Dave at his office we quickly became comfortable with his honest candor and friendly probing us about what our comfort levels were with price, type of neighborhood, use and activity requirements we had etc.  He then proceeded to take us around showing us a sampling of what he accessed we may be interested in.  During this very early stage of the process Dave kept calling Brenda having her as a life line on the other end of the phone finding out all the nitty gritty details on houses we showed some interest in as we viewed.  This team effort impressed us and although the relationship with Dave and Brenda was in the very early stages we could feel the honesty and sincerity shining through these dealings.  Something we were not used to and pleasantly comforted by in our anxiety of not really knowing what we were doing or really wanted to do.

One thing that I must caution to anyone reading this about Dave and Brenda is not to assume from their friendly and simple manner that they are not seasoned and knowledgeable about their trade.  Through all the many showings and revisits, a stint where I had my financial advisor with a real estate experience view and access homes with Dave, and in making offers on homes, Dave is always right on.  He knows exactly what things are worth, what they will sell for given the current shape of the market and has a genuine knack for forecasting what the market is doing and going to do.  Everything, and I mean everything he told us about the homes we were interested in, values of properties, what they would sell for and what a reasonable offer would have to be to obtain a certain home were dead on.

In the end I probably worked Dave and Brenda harder than most purchasers.  Having some commercial real estate experience in my business life I was overly cautious and demanding on Dave and Brenda and through it all learned they are just what is needed in this day and age and condition of the real estate industry.  We ended up with a beautiful property that we could not be happier about.  Albeit it is one of the very first homes that Dave showed us upon his assessments of our wishes and desires.

Our new Cape Coral home is just what we were looking for at the price we were comfortable with and are ecstatic with the work Dave and Brenda did for us.

Now comes the most surprising part of all.  After the purchase was done we are constantly being pleasantly contacted by Dave and Brenda with recommendations from everything from where to get furniture, to the best pest control guys, lawn care supplier, small job contractors, insurances, restaurants, bars, and on and on.  Guess what, they really care about their clients, and in such a pleasant and genuine manner that we would suggest to anyone looking for anything in the real estate market in South West Florida that there really is only one couple to work with and that is Dave and Brenda.

As parting shot to this letter, which by the way is totally unsolicited and written out my shear excitement about working with and now being valued friends with Dave and Brenda, is a small bit of advice and that is to take Dave’s valuations and opinions of properties seriously.  He is a seasoned professional and knows what is what in his business.

The only thing I would change about the entire process is to have just bought the house we got, when Dave suggested that is was the one, in the neighborhood we wanted, for the price we were comfortable paying and avoided all the wasted time, and risk of loosing the house we did in the end get and are so very happy with.

I remain available to speak to anyone about our experiences with Dave and Brenda and our wonderful new home in Cape Coral and related details of the pleasant and sincere relationship we have developed with this great couple.

Kindest Regards,

Bob Rosborough
Nova Scotia and Cape Coral
Rosborough Boats/ Rough Water

Bob and Shelly

I’ve been around long enough that I’ve bought and sold a few homes. I’ve experienced the whole gamut of agents from pretty good to not so much. In two cases, I found the house we bought, not our agent. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we flew down from Maryland to visit close friends who had moved to Cape Coral. After a few days in shirtsleeves, we decided it might be time to join them. One good friend referred us to an agent he used, who pawned us off to another agent in his office. Although that agent was responsive, he wasn’t listening to what we wanted or where we wanted that property to be. As soon as another good friend heard we were looking, he highly recommended we use Brenda Boss at SageRealtor Group.

So after a week of wasting time with the first agent, I called Brenda. OMG, one of the best calls I’ve ever made! Okay, calling the woman who has been my wife for the past 25 years and asking her for a date was the best, but after that… It quickly became very apparent that I was dealing with the best realtor I’ve ever encountered. She listened and then provided extremely valuable advice and insight. She didn’t tell me what I wanted, she helped me figure out what that was and was not. She did the same for identifying where we wanted our dream home to be located.

Brenda provided me with a portal loaded with dozens of homes. Every one of them met the basic criteria we started with. Brenda provided Sage advice as the winnowing process moved forward, and, I occasionally changed the criteria. Some realtors would have become frustrated or annoyed at this point, but not Brenda. She not only accepted, but embraced that I was systematically working through the process of identifying what my wife and I wanted in our home away from home.

From the very beginning, I felt like I was working with my best friend who spent hours of phone, email, and portal review time narrowing the field down to 12 that I would see on my next visit. Before I boarded the plane, Brenda had all the homes I was going to see laid out on a map in a logical progression – all 12 of them – and with the times all synchronized to that progression. When we met the next morning she had an updated listing sheet for each one and was able to remind me what I liked or had concerns about for each one as we moved along. She’d done her homework and invested a significant amount of time making it all happen in the narrow window of time I had. After the whirlwind tour, Brenda spent hours that evening going over every listing we’d seen helping me narrow 12 down to 4 that we’d see again the next day. And she made that happen too!

At one point, I expressed concern about what boat centric activities were available in the immediate Cape Coral area aside from fishing and going to Sanibel Island. (Initially, we were considering Marco Island as well.) The information Brenda pulled together for us was custom tailored to what she’d figured out would be of most interest to us. That significantly influenced our decision to focus on Cape Coral. The Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce should be so helpful.

In the end, Brenda helped us identify the perfect home for us and negotiate a great deal, which in and of itself was no small feat. The closing is history, but she still continues to provide us with helpful information about making Cape Coral our home. As the closing process was winding down and I let all of our friends know what an outstanding job she’d done, I jokingly referred to her as the “Grand Imperial Puhbah of Real Estate.” All joking aside, she has no equal and we will forever be grateful for her invaluable advice and counsel.

Larry and Sherry

Brenda and I have known each other for many years. I met her and her husband when we both worked for the same company in Mpls. about 17 years ago. Brenda and Dave moved to Florida and we saw each other on Facebook throughout the years, and I would often note the beautiful and wide variety of homes that Dave and Brenda were selling and posts on the wonderful lifestyle in Cape Coral.

During the winter of 2020, my husband and I talked about purchasing a second home in Florida. Rather than just talk about it, I sent a message to Brenda and asked her about living in Cape Coral. She responded immediately, and sent me valuable information about the area and housing market and told me to just let her and Dave know if we wanted to see anything or needed any more information. No pressure, no timeline. We then looked through their website and we so intrigued by the case studies, information, area, etc. It’s an amazing website! I then planned a trip in the spring to Cape Coral.

Prior to my trip, Dave and Brenda asked us what we would like in a home, what we like to do, our budget, etc. As a result, Dave set up a portal containing houses in which he thought we might be interested. Brenda quickly set us up with a mortgage broker and I made the trip. They told me what to expect – houses often sell sight unseen within 24 hours, with multiple offers. They also said, not to worry, the right house will come along either during my trip or later. This was very calming as I was traveling alone and did not really know what I was doing.
Dave and Brenda set up many showings for me and made themselves available to me throughout my stay. Dave showed me many properties and I learned so much. He is so knowledgeable and listens so well.

He pointed out the positive and negative feature of each house. He wanted to be sure I understood what each of the different parts of Cape Coral had to offer. He drove me everywhere, pointing out available lots, conveniences, and neighborhood features, etc. so that I could be fully educated about the area and types of homes. Throughout our time together, I was so impressed with Dave’s knowledge of the market, the value of properties, and all the things new homeowners need to know to buy and set up a household in another state. He knows the real estate business inside and out. I returned to Mpls. and my husband and I spent a great deal of time researching housing options in Cape Coral and surrounding areas. Dave and Brenda supported us every step along the way.

We were a challenge, as we went from wanting new construction, to larger homes, to smaller homes, to gated communities, to undeveloped communities, to an old house on a river. Dave would patiently tell us why or why not a house was a good option – value, features, resale and LOCATION. His expertise was constant and clear. Both he and Brenda said many times, “you don’t let people buy the wrong house.” They would not sell us just any house; it had to be the right house for us. As time went on, Dave continued to provide us with houses via our customized portal, highlighting important details – continuing to educate us about options, pros and cons.

Long story short, the perfect house did come along and Dave knew it. Dave and Brenda immediately set up a showing for us, which we did remotely and thoroughly with Dave. He and Brenda advised us what to reasonably bid, and we made the right offer and bought the property. All this happened within 24 hours. Brenda immediately got to work on the closing process, all the communication with the seller, and the paperwork. She knows exactly what she is doing every step of the way. In fact, she saved us money with her amazing attention to detail, as the closing company made an error on one of the documents and she educated them, at length, as to why it was an error. In addition to all this work, she took the time to provide us with recommendations on lawn care, pest control, shopping, insurance, setting up utilities, etc. Foolproof advice, which we followed to the letter. In addition, both Dave and Brenda continue to support us as we make plans to move into our house and have told us many times, their support doesn’t stop with the sale.

In summary, trust is at the heart of this relationship. Buying a house unseen, bidding on it, and closing remotely would have been completely out of our comfort zone if we had been working with anyone but Dave and Brenda. Their professionalism, knowledge, care for our needs, willingness to listen, and knowing exactly what to do made this a fun and exciting experience. Thank you Dave and Brenda!

Jean and Wayne Nelson

Jean and Wayne

Dave Sage and Brenda Boss of SageRealtor are the type of realtors most people only dream of finding – thank goodness, I did.

Dave and Brenda listen to what you want, search for the exact match and never show you what you aren’t looking for. They take your dreams and make them into realty. Imagine finding your dream home the first home you’re shown. . . it can – and will – happen for you, with Dave and Brenda as your realtors. After you’ve been shown countless homes – just to make sure you’ve seen everything on the market – there’s no pressure from them, they just want to be helpful and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

But back to that first home you’re shown. . .because Dave and Brenda truly listen to what you want, what you’re looking for and what you need. . .don’t be surprised if the first home they show you isn’t the one you buy. . .yes indeed. Fast forward one month and a successful closing later. . . “Welcome Home!”

And the closing? Easy-peasy. . .Brenda and Dave make sure of that, too. No secrets, no surprises. . .as a matter of fact, the word “No” isn’t part of their vocabulary. . . Only “Yes” and “How may we help you?” And then, they make it all happen.

Sage Realtor. . .Brenda Boss. . .Dave Sage. . .The right combination for finding the home of your dreams. . . I did!

Thanks Dave, Brenda and Sage Realtor! The best choice. And, in my case and recommendation, the only choice. Happy – happy!

Donelle and Tom

Donelle and Tom

We are so excited and thinking about spending all summer in our “new home” in Cape Coral. The tenant situation should work out perfectly. Thank you both again. I have never had so much fun looking at and buying a house! We are thrilled.

Sandy and Bill

Brenda and Dave: Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you did for us while we were there to buy our Cape Coral waterfront home. You made a business trip one of the most fun vacations we ever had. Nobody here at work could believe you pulled off not only getting the deal done in one week, but getting the house inspected, appraised, and got quotes for the work that needs to be done before we even left. And all of that as an aside to making sure we had a blast while learning about Cape Coral Gulf Access homes.

Deb and Marcus

After reading Brenda and Dave’s informative website I knew this was the real estate team I wanted to entrust my purchase to. My wife and I had always dreamed about moving to South West Florida and Brenda and Dave made that dream come true. Brenda had no problem in communicating and spending time with us via emails and phone calls 10 months before we ever committed to flying down to look around.

They were very knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy and they always answered all of our questions. Their insight and experience was very helpful…. and we found exactly what we were looking for.  We will be forever grateful to them for the time, effort and patience they gave us! Scott & Ann

Ann and Scott

Again, thank you so much for your patience and perseverance in making sure that we’d found our dream home in Fort Myers. You never compromised and tried making a quick sale and a commission – instead you took your time, showed us-I don’t know how many homes in Cape Coral and Fort Myers!, spent a great deal of your valuable time with us, but in the end, you made sure that we were both happy and we appreciated your expertise on waterfront real estate. We respect your professionalism for it! Susie and I are confident and at peace knowing that we found a place where we will be very happy and proud of our wonderful, elegant new waterfront home – and, most importantly, we know in our hearts that going forward it is a great investment. We are lucky to have met you and Brenda. I remember emailing your Southwest Florida website, inquiring about the boating and the lifestyle in the canals, and you and Brenda, very gracefully, quickly replied to my inquiry in great detail. You both provided us with a wealth of real estate information that was valuable.

Well, here we are today, 6 months later, almost there and everyday anticipating and eagerly awaiting our move to the Caloosa Yacht Club in Fort Myers. In our minds, we keep dreaming, decorating, and discussing the house. It’s a lot of fun! Oh Yeah, we already bought designer furniture for the house.

Again, Dave and Brenda, thank you so much for everything on our real estate purchase. You guys have been phenomenal and good friends indeed. As they say in my culture, once I take possession of this Caloosa house, MI CASA ES TU CASA! Best regards to both of you and see you in a week.

Susan and Oscar

Brenda and Dave are exceptional real estate professionals. They are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of buying and selling real estate. They have excellent knowledge of the area and the real estate market. Their guidance was invaluable in helping us get the right property at the right price. Best of all, they were genuinely concerned about finding the right property and providing all the information needed for us to make the right decision. Thanks so much for all your help, attention to detail, and quick and efficient action.

Debbie and Wes

My husband, Bob and I knew we wanted to retire in Florida and narrowed our search for the perfect paradise down to Cape Coral.  We have a big sailboat. It’s our baby.  We needed to find a home for her too.

Bob had many online communications with multiple realtors who didn’t seem to understand our needs.  Then, in November 2013, he received a message from Dave Sage.  Dave understood exactly where we were coming from and what our priorities were. Dave became our go to contact in Cape Coral.  We were in constant contact and when we made arrangements to fly down from NJ to look at properties we never considered anyone else.  On that trip we met Brenda Boss.

Forget everything you ever thought about realtors.  These two people are amazing. Brenda gave us an education about Florida real estate and made us feel that we had a lovely and very capable woman on our side, working for us. Their warmth, caring and concern is incomparable.  Dave spent hours with us and never complained even though we kept changing our minds about what and where we wanted to buy.  He and Brenda guided us and held our hands as we negotiated through the different real estate options available to us. We settled on purchasing a lot and finding a builder.  They were there walking us through the process and showing us the different models.  They seemed to read our minds and know what we would like and not like.

Our relationship bloomed into a friendship to be cherished.  When the dust settles and our new beautiful home is finished the best part of this move to Florida will be our new and wonderful relationship with Dave and Brenda.

Bob and Cathy

My dream for years was to buy a home in Florida, it took me awhile and a couple of vacations to convince my husband that it was his dream too.

Fortunately, I had found Sage Realty and when it came time to make our dream come true, Dave and Brenda helped make that happen.  Not only did they take the time to show us a variety of different homes, but they also shared their knowledge of the area, and they took the time to show us homes that checked off all our boxes.  It was awesome how well they worked together to ensure that all their clients’ needs were met.  With their guidance, we were able to find the home of our dreams at the best price possible and from the very first phone call to them, all the way through to the closing, they made the experience easy, enjoyable, and pain free. 

We love our new home, and we feel so blessed to have met Dave Sage and Brenda Boss who we now feel are not just our Realtors but our friends!  We have already and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home in Southwest Florida. 

Sandi and Dick

Dave and Brenda’s stock in trade is in depth market analysis, experience and patience. Throughout the process of a sometimes challenging purchase their prompt communication and follow up was second to none for all aspects of the transaction. Using gentle guidance they pointed out considerations not obvious on the surface but nevertheless important. We ended up with a perfect property for us in a much nicer setting than we otherwise would have due to their advice. The home turns out to be a great revenue producer for us as well when we are unable to be there enjoying it. We can’t recommend this ‘dynamic duo’ strongly enough to those looking to purchase or sell in beautiful Cape Coral.

Ralph and Lyane

Brenda and Dave, where do we begin? Jim and I cannot say thank you enough for all you have done for us… I know in my heart that God has put us together to make this all come true for Jim and me. It has been a very long 4 years for me with the passing of my Dad, Mom and most recently a year ago my 52 year old brother Keith. Keith has to be looking down at me right now giving me the “big high 5” because as adults we always talked about how much we all wanted to live on the water and now my “dream” or I should say “our dream” (Jim and I) came true with our Cape Coral Yacht Club home on the river. I know we have asked you both to do so much for us before and even now and we sincerely appreciate it, from the bottom of our hearts.
Jim and I know that we have found true friends and a great circle of extended friends through our relationship with you and we look forward to meeting so many more folks and for us to settle there in the future and start the new chapter in our lives, one that we all know will be mutually beneficial and rewarding. Every time I think about where we were 6 months ago and where we are now, it’s all because of your hard work and dedication to Jim and I that it all worked out for everyone…..especially me and Jim 🙂
Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Love, Barb

Barb and Jim

Dave and Brenda, I have never met a more professional pair of realtors in 27 years of practice. There are so many questionable ones in your profession, it reinstalls my faith that true professionals are still out there. In addition, your kindness to me shan’t be lost in the mists of time. It must be that old Minnesota upbringing that produces an attitude of respect, care and professionalism.

Mike and Tanis

It was great to know the whole process of finding and buying a Cape Coral Gulf Access property was going to be no problem with SageRealtor Group as my right hand. It was the icing on the cake when I discovered that the property seller paid their commission… all that service and expertise from Dave and Brenda, and it was going to cost me nothing! We were made to feel most welcome, they are genuinely lovely people… nothing was a problem… and their hospitality was more like we were old friends rather than new. Read more about Jim’s experience and approach here.

Jim and Lucy

Closing a deal… starting a friendship. For Americans, you’re not half bad! Thanks for all your hard work, from your Canadian-Floridians…. looking forward to seeing you on our next trip to our new, beautiful Cape Coral home!


They did proactive work to prepare for the visit. The process, the contracts, what to expect at each step, and how best to protect our interests. There are no government hurdles to jump through and no special requirements… it was so much easier than we thought it would be thanks to Dave and Brenda.


To the staff at Sage Realtors, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the professionalism and assistance in helping my husband and I purchase both our house on El Dorado Blvd and our lot in Cape Coral.  We couldn’t be happier with the service we received and have continued to receive from your agency. Because we were so uncertain of what we were really looking for in the beginning, our agent Beth, was so patient and thorough in helping us determine our needs and then following up with great properties to choose from!  She was there for us at every turn.
From our first contact to each closing, the process has been wonderful!  I would recommend, and have recommended your agency to many friends! Thank you again for your fantastic service.

Kathy and Jim

What can we tell you about our experience with Dave and Brenda, that is the question! Well, when we first became involved with both of them it was purely a “fishing” exercise for information about real estate in Fort Myers. What we received was not just particulars of properties but also their insight and local knowledge of both Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. This information enabled us to focus more easily on what and where we would like to visit. Which subsequently, through Dave and Brenda, resulted in a house purchase in Cape Coral.
Both Dave and Brenda are professional, enthusiastic and energetic in their approach towards fulfilling the needs of their Clients. They are constantly “on call” and supportive of you. Once their role as your Realtor is over, because you have found and fulfilled that “real estate dream”, they are still there extending their hand to help and guide, should you require “after sales” support.
Oh, by the way we should mention that one of us is a Licensed Realtor in New Jersey and therefore able to recognize that Dave and Brenda are not just “professionals”, in the true sense of the word, but also a credit to the real estate industry.

Pauline and Tony