Why Work with a Buyer’s Agent in Southwest Florida?

Why Work With A Buyer’s Agent in Southwest Florida?

View All Available Properties in Southwest Florida that Meet Your Criteria

You are about to make a big decision – why limit your dream home search to just those listed by one agent or broker? A great buyer’s agent in Southwest Florida works tirelessly to scout out homes that match your exacting criteria for lifestyle features, home features, neighborhood, and more. Most of our buyers are new to the area, so we know the many questions you have about locations, costs, values, lifestyle choices (boating community? golf community? beach? condo? home?) … the good news is there are lots of choices and the bad news – lots of choices to navigate. We are very accustomed to buyers not really knowing yet what they want. Part of our job is to help zero in on what will work for you.



You are assured the buyers’ agent is not speaking with the seller or sharing any of your personal data or motivations (unless you request certain information to be shared that might work in your favor in striking a win-win deal).

Deeper Market and “Product” Knowledge

Buyers agents show more homes and know more about the properties on the market and those that have sold. Most listing agents only see the homes they are selling and research the competition at a 50,000 foot level – reviewing stats and listing data but rarely having been inside many of the homes. Take for example a listing agent that farms the golf community he or she lives in. That agent knows much about his or her own community, but little about the homes in the golf community 5 miles down the road.

Dedicated Representation and Negotiations For You

A buyers agent represents you, only, and not the sellers interests. Our negotiations are to your benefit specifically (can you imagine the seller’s agent saying “you should offer less?”). We work with all home buyers at any price. It’s our business to know where the best properties are – and to get you there first.

For existing homes, condos, or vacant land, we will help you negotiate the best price. For new home construction, the price might be the same whether or not you have representation, but a buyer’s agent can save you time and help you navigate the new home buying process. Further, we help you understand the builder’s lingo and look out for you in ensuring all important items (such as amount of fill, landscaping, permitting, pool package, floor outlets, lighting packages, etc.) are being quoted in your estimates and contract.

If you do not use a buyers agent to represent you, you have no one else looking out for your best interest in the transaction. Listing agents work for the seller to get the highest price possible, and a new home construction representative works for the best interest of the builder or developer.

Why You Deserve Dedicated Representation

Your Southwest Florida home or second home may be one of your largest investments – contributing to the base of your net worth. If you finance your property, the mortgage will be a significant financial obligation. The property will provide comfort, security and happiness for your family and friends to enjoy for many years.

You may also be considering the strategy of renting the property when you are not here, and there are definite critical items that we can help you understand – on a property by property basis – about what will rent to vacationers, and what will not rent so well. And of course, no one wants to make a mistake buying a property that will be challenging to sell at some point down the road. We’ll be candid and 100% honest with you about our opinion on current value and future price appreciation opportunity (or lack thereof) and, if applicable, “rentability.”

Why not have on your side an agent that appreciates the scope of your objectives, one who respects your wants, your financial situation, and lifestyle preferences, from the shopping process to closing and beyond? You deserve an agent you can call your own
and you deserve peace of mind that your agent has only you in mind.

Making the process easy – we will discuss in detail: Market prices and statistics before making an offer; the purchase agreement details and process before signing; the closing costs and ongoing costs such as real estate taxes, association fees; what to expect with home inspections and what type of inspections to consider; and the appreciation potential of the properties you are considering.

No Cost to You

There are no hidden costs in working with us as your representatives, so why not take advantage of dedication and diligence with only you in mind?

Testimonials and References

We have many satisfied clients that are more than happy to share their experience working with us in finding, purchasing, and settling in to their dream home. Read some testimonials for Dave and Brenda here, view our About Us page for some background, or contact us and we’ll send you contact information for references that would love to hear from you.

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We are happy to have a confidential, no-pressure-ever, discussion and share in detail our approach to finding the perfect dream home for our clients. Contact us to get a dialogue going and find out if we are the right agents to represent you. Learn more about our work ethic and responsibilities here.

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