Cape Coral Assessments Explained

When browsing Cape Coral real estate listings, you will often see terms such as “Assessments Paid!” or “Assessment balance to be assumed by buyer.” The Cape Coral assessments language refers to public utilities being installed by the city.

What are those assessments? It refers to the city installation of public water, sewer and irrigation. Areas of the city that are on well water and septic are, or have been, converted to city utilities. The public utilities were installed in regions over many years and there are areas of the city still awaiting public utility installation.

Cape Coral is a large city by land mass: an area of 115 square miles. When the city was first established about 50 years ago, there were no public utilities (water, sewer, irrigation). Much of the Southeast and Southwest portions of the city are now on public utilities. When those utilities were installed, homeowners were charged for the installation – the assessment. When it says “Assessment Paid” it means that assessment has been paid in full.

In most cases, homeowners decided to pay the assessment over time via their property tax bill.  In some areas there is still an assessment balance on the property tax bill (middle and upper portions of the city). Typically, this translates to about $800- $1,000 per year until paid in full. When the property is sold, the new owner assumes the assessment balance (continues to pay it off annually via property tax bill).